Breeding Opportunities


Dominic 3

An extremely important goal of European Breeders Trust is finding exceptional breeding opportunities for shareholders, beginning with the 2018 breeding season. As the choice of high quality stallions gets more and more difficult as well as expensive, these opportunities will be  available for shareholders . The European Breeders Trust is proud to introduce the lease of the stallion Dominic M. He will be available to shareholders in priority.

Dominic 4


Thanks to the generous support of the Buzzi Family, Al Saqran Stud, Al Rashediah Stud and the Iran Horse Promotion we proudly announce that we can offer the following breedings:

2x Ajman Moniscione
2x ES Harir
2x Nassem Al Rashediah
2x Kenz Albidayer

The Breeding Lottery will be online at the February 17th, 2018 5 pm. Every shareholder can participate for all stallions.


The shares will serve as a sort of ticket. Each share has the value of EURO 100,00. Each shareholder can decide, how much of his shares he wants to put into each breeding lottery. The more shares/tickets, the higher the chance. The share that will be drawn will give the winner shareholder the purchasing right for this breeding.

The winner of each drawing will have the right to purchase this breeding at the price resulting of the number of shares he put in multiplied by EURO 100,00.
Example: Shareholder “A” decides to put 10 of his shares in the lottery of one stallion and one of his shares gets drawn so he can purchase the breeding for 10 x EURO100,00 = Euro 1.000,-

We will draw one breeding after the other, every shareholder can decide for which stallion he wants to participate. Once a shareholder has been drawn and purchased a breeding, he cannot participate anymore for any other breeding lotteries at the same event.

Please contact us for further information at any time!