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Invitaion to the 1. ordinary annual gereral meeting Milan 27 April 2018

Dear Shareholders,

It is a pleasure to invite you all to our first ordinary Annual General Meeting, which will be held on:

Friday, April 27th 2018, 2pm
in the restaurant “II Grifondoro” (Scuderia Groane) Via S. Andrea 21,
20022 Misinto (MI) Italy.

You can find directions on our website.

The invitation and the agenda were published on March 12th 2018 on our website and is attached to this mail.

2017 has been a busy, but fascinating and incredible first year for European Breeder Trust with some extraordinary milestones like the Breeders Select Sale, the first Breeding Lottery and announcement of the leasing of the stallion Dominc M. We are looking forward to talk with you about the exciting new projects in 2018.

Please not, that Registration for the Annual General Meeting must be in writing and in German or English until April 21th 2018 to

European Breeders Trust AG
Osterhofen 1 D-87480 Weitnau

In order to exercise the right to vote on the day of the meeting, please identify yourself with your passport or ID.
Persons who have no shares as at 21.04.2018 and only afterwards become a shareholder, are not entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on April 27th, 2018, unless they have been empowered or authorized to exercise their rights.
All relevant documents and information regarding the general annual meeting can also be found on the company` website.
We look forward to a large number of participants and remain with best regards,

Karl-Heinz Stoeckle
Management Board
European Breeders Trust AG
Osterhofen 1
D-87480 Weitnau
VAT DE 313379370

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The European Breeders Trust would like to congratulate all buyers, sellers and guests for making this first edition an unforgettable and amazing success for Europe and the entire Arabian Horse Community with a total sale of Euro 1.065.000,-

Lot 1: Embryo Right FT Shaela with FA El Rasheem
sold to Al Saqran Stud for EURO 120.000,-

Lot 2: July El Justice
sold to Murad Awawde for EURO 50.000,-

Lot 3: Embryo Right to Ava
sold to Al Shaqab Stud for Euro 25.000,-

Lot 6: Embryo Right to Valentinos Angel MI
sold to Sheikh Sulliman for EURO 55.000,-

Lot 7: IS ET TU
sold to Gerami Wejad for EURO 30.000,-

Lot 9: Priscilla OS
sold to Abhaa Arabians for EURO 160.000,-

Lot 10: Unboarn Foal of Kareema Sakr by Al Added Al Shaqab
sold to Dubai Arabian Horse Stud for EURO 80.000,-

Lot 12: BF Roxanne
sold to Al Thumama Stud for EURO 40.000,-

Lot 14: M.M. Enya
sold to Adel Falah for EURO 67.000,-

Lot 15: Embryo Right to Donna Molta Bella with FA El Rasheem
sold to Eriksa Arabians for EURO 230.000,-

Lot 16: Breeding to Marwan Al Shaqab
sold to De Cartherey Arabians for EURO 30.000,-

In addition the European Breeders Trust is proud to announce the total amount auctioned for Charity of EURO 178.000,- at the Charity Gala Evening on Friday Night.

First Breeding of FA El Rasheem
sold to Al Muawd Stud for EURO 22.000,-

Embryo Right to Elle Flamenca with FA El Rasheem
sold and donated by Al Saqran Stud for EURO 85.000,-
re-auctioned and sold to Al Owaidah Stud for EURO 50.000,-

Second Breeding to FA El Rasheem
sold to Al Muawd Stud for EURO 21.000,-

A very special thanks for Dubai Arabian Stud, Al Saqran Stud and Al Shaqab Stud for the generous support.


he “European Breeders Select Sale” is getting closer! 15 high quality lots will be offered to the audience of Arabian horse breeders from all over the world – live and online.

The Website and Online Catalogue are now online. Take a look at the 15 lots and discover your highlight to start or enhance your breeding program!

Where & When:

Main show arena (Albert-Vahle-Halle)
Albert-Servais-Allee 50
52070 Aachen

Saturday, 23rd of September
Start 6:30 PM

» Online Catalog
» Website European Breeders Select Sale