How it all started


As most of you will have realized by now, the Arabian Horse Industry in Europe and also other parts of the world is facing extreme problems over the past 15 years!

The passion and motivation of breeders all over Europe has never been less, the number of breeders and foals born is the lowest since decades, the market is flooded with horses that have no usage and therefore will never find a buyer. We are missing structure and collaboration in the organizations and National Societies, as you may find them in other breeds and we are losing breeders and buyers. The access to high quality stallions is extremely limited and entry numbers at shows are at an all-time low!

It is time to open our eyes and it should be in the interest of ALL of us – breeders, owners, organizations and as well for the benefit of the breed – to finally take action or it will be too late to stop the current development.


A small group of breeders from Germany and Belgium debated these problems over the last year and decided to join forces and establish a “shareholding company” to involve all European breeders to work on solutions as well as collect financial and political power to stop the decline of the Arabian Horse Breed in Europe.

To ensure financial stability and professional support during the phase of founding the “European Breeders Trust AG” (EBT), the Arabian Futurity Europe – a non-profit organization – that is running since more than 15 years Breeding Auctions and a yearly Foal- & Yearling-Show, was found as a strong partner and initial investor to make sure that the later issue of shares to be bought by participating European Breeders will be based on faire and save ratings.

Looking for possible members for the supervisory board, the initial founders of EBT (Mr. Karl-Heinz Stöckle, Mr. Gregor Aymar and Dr. Nils Ismer / all from Germany) gathered a group of high quality individuals with long time experience in the world of Arabian horses: Mr. James Swaenepoel / Belgium, Mr. Giampaolo Woody Gubbiotti / Italy, Mr. Raphael Curti / France, Mr. Marco Franchini / Italy Mrs. Amira Nasr / NL and last but not least Mr. Sven Schick / Germany.

Shares and services will be available ONLY to European citizens and can be purchased only through the Arabian Futurity Europe to guarantee a stable issue price. Become a part of it and work together with us to change the problems of the past and to gain back and fascinate longtime breeders and new people for the Arabian Horse!